Tasmania is Australia’s Best Kept Secret…

Hobart is warm sandstone, bright spinnakers on the water, fish punts at the docks, the slap of halyards on masts, coffee under the striped sun umbrellas of Salamanca, an occasional frosting of snow on Mt Wellington, bush tracks and birdsong.

It’s a city of history, where Battery Point’s first cottages peep shyly at each other across a circle of green, and graceful old trees shelter the manicured lawns of heritage parks and gardens. It’s a city of bustling markets, fun, festivals, entertainment and fine restaurants.

Tasmanian businesses offer a variety of world-class services and cold-climate products for this sector.

Better bring an appetite
With four distinct seasons, abundant sunshine and rainfall, rich soil and seas, and a culture of innovation, the island produces everything from wine to whisky, saffron to truffles, abalone to wasabi.

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Small island with a long history
It’s one of the few places on Earth with landscapes unchanged from the time of the ancient Gondwana supercontinent. It’s also a place of unique biodiversity, human culture that dates back 2000 generations, and some of Australia’s best-preserved colonial history.

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Find your adventure
Mountains tower above walking tracks. Bike trails descend from mountains to sea. White-water rivers carry rafts into wilderness. Find deep caves. Tall forest. Bouts with trout.

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Leave a little space in your luggage
Tasmania is the land of the handmade and the artisanal, the delicious and the downright drinkable. Some of these treasures will simply have to come home with you.

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Art on the edge
Across the island, communities have cultivated their own distinctive creative lives, influenced by history, inspired by nature and focused on a future shaped by shared stories and experiences.

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