HR Wallingford is a world-leading supplier of physical modelling facilities and equipment. These include towing carriages, circulating water tunnels, wave generation systems, measuring instrumentation and dynamometers for use within physical model test facilities. As well as supplying equipment, we are an active user undertaking over 25 physical modelling consultancy studies each year for clients around the world.

Established in 1947, HR Wallingford is a centre of excellence for maritime, coastal and fluvial engineering based at our headquarters in Wallingford, UK. The company also has regional offices in Manchester, UK, Perth, Australia, Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur, Abu Dhabi, Houston, and Shanghai.

Qualisys provides motion capture cameras suitable for indoor, outdoor, and underwater capture. Our underwater cameras are the world’s only commercially available optical motion capture cameras for underwater use. They are designed to be mobile, robust, and trouble-free during operation and are pressure-tested to a depth of 40m. The cameras track lightweight markers attached to the vessel to measure 6DOF position and orientation. The accuracy of the measurements can reach down to 1mm for position and 0.1° for rotation. Researchers use our systems to track several underwater objects, including free-running AUVs, mooring lines, fishnet trawl doors, and oil pipeline motions.

With more than 30 years of experience, Van Halteren Technologies (VHT) specializes in custom design, construction, installation, testing and tuning of test systems for research applications. Particularly for hydrodynamic research applications, VHT has a wide range of wave generator systems installed at major institutes worldwide. Each system is made according to the customer’s requirements regarding wave performance, dimensions and local installation conditions. In addition to wave generator systems, VHT has experience with wave generation software, including Active Reflection Compensation, as well as wave absorbers, carriages, adjustable basin floors, etc.

As an industrial supplier for drive and control technology with scientific knowledge, we support you with excellent test equipment, both in newly built facilities as well as in existing basins.