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08:00 Registration Help Desk Registration Help Desk
08:30 Help Desk Help Desk Help Desk
9:00 Welcome to Country Resistance and Propulsion Committee Second Meeting of the 30th ITTC Advisory Council Ocean Engineering Committee Quality Systems Group
09:15 Opening
10:00 Executive Committee Report Executive Committee meeting WG Future
10:30 Morning refreshments Morning refreshments Morning refreshments Morning Refreshments
11:00 Seakeeping Committee Full Scale Ship Performance Committee 30th ITTC Excursion Tour Maneuvering Committee Closing Session
11:30 Association General Assembly
12:00 Registration
12:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
13:00 First meeting of the 30th ITTC Advisory Council
13:30 Stability in Waves Committee Photo Specialist Committee on Ocean Renewable Energy EC Meeting
14:00 Specialist Committee on Cavitation and Noise Meetings of the new TC Chairs
14:30 Afternoon refreshments Specialist Committee on Wind Power and Wind Assisted Ships
15:00 First meeting of the 30th ITTC Executive Committee Afternoon refreshments Afternoon refreshments
15:30 Specialist Committee on Combined CFD/EFD Methods Specialist Committee on Ice Afternoon refreshments
16:00 Working Group on Correlation
16:30 Group Discussions Group Discussions
17:00 Group Discussions
Evening Events 30th ITTC Welcome Reception EC/AC Dinner Conference Banquet